Architecture & Design

We’ve Thought of Everything

Utilities need solutions that are architected to address their unique needs and business goals. They need solutions that bridge the gap from current state to advanced grid operations. And they need solutions that truly make sense and fit into their environment.

From simple application enhancements to a comprehensive high-performance data platform, QBA has the expertise to design flexible, scalable and innovative grid management solutions for your unique environment. We’ll work with you to develop a right-sized enterprise architecture that does it all – leverages industry integration and data schema standards, incorporates cyber security and regulatory best practices, and ensures vendor interoperability today and tomorrow.

Investment Optimization

We design with your investment in smart meters and AMI networks; distribution automation, IoT and machine learning technology; and new customer programs in mind.

A Holistic Approach

We look beyond your immediate need when architecting a big data solution. We’re thinking about pain points and business goals throughout your organization and your industry.

Vendor Neutrality

QBA helps you navigate the myriad of tools and vendors to design a solution that’s best suited to your environment and unique business goals.

Beyond-the-Box Expertise

For decades, the industry has looked to us as THE smart grid experts. That’s because we’re always thinking outside the box for solutions that must fit inside the box.

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