Data Analytics

We’ll Put Your Data to Work's

By delivering real-time data and advanced metrics, QBA’s analytics solutions provide crucial insight for improving productivity, enhancing the customer experience, reducing operating costs and making better overall business decisions.

Innovative analytic tools, coupled with our world-class expertise, allow QBA to gather and manage value from many types of data sources – AMI, edge markets, IoT and more. Our analytics will drive the benefits that fund investment into your smart grid.


Aggregate & analyze customer energy consumption to identify potential leakage.


Aggregate & analyze voltage data and meter events to identify patterns contributing to sags and swells. Develop options to optimize power flow.


Model power flows and transformer loading in support of distribution planning and grid operations.


Model energy and customer data to improve capability to predict consumption patterns, forecast challenges.

Are you getting the most out of your big data investments? We make sure it all works together faster, better and cost-effectively.

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Capture, report, and predict solar availability and impact at the transformer level with Big Energy.

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QBA leverages cloud technology, data science, AIto create innovative digital solutions that adapt to your evolving data sources.

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We take a holistic look at your environment, your pain points and your business goalswhen architecting a data analytics solution.

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Advanced analytics + functional knowledge = focused recommendations for optimal, practical and achievable business decisions.

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From strategy development to implementation support,QBA can support your transformation into a data-driven organization.

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