Business Case Development

Making the Case for Grid Modernization

Transformative shifts in customer expectations, as well as technological advances such as Internet of Things and 5G, are driving utilities to modernize at an exponential pace. With this unprecedented speed comes big questions.

  • What does our future grid need to be capable of doing?
  • What investments are needed to provide those capabilities?
  • How can those investments benefit and engage our customers?
  • How do we justify those investments?

  • Fortunately, we have the answers. QBA works with you to develop a grid modernization business case that:

  • Transforms the way you operate, plan and maintain the grid, as well as interact with customers.
  • Meets your reliability, customer and regulatory goals.
  • Aligns all your stakeholders, helping them understand your current state, desired goals, and the necessary steps toward a digital grid.
  • Strategy Development

    We ensure that technology planning, implementation, and operations are strategically aligned with your business objectives.

    Current State Assessment

    A QBA assessment includes a gap analysis of your existing IT/OT systems & infrastructure, as well as your business processes and physical resources.

    Cost-Benefit Analysis

    When calculating risk vs. reward, we consider the technology’s full lifecycle, and costs are weighed against industry-proven benefits and use cases.

    Prioritization & Timelines

    QBA will provide a business case & technology transformation plan that bridges the gap from your current state to advanced grid operation while considering your customers’ needs and the resources required to get the job done.

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