A Complete Solution for Sterile Processing Environments in the Healthcare Industry

SteriSmart Enterprise Management Solution offers continuous performance and protection for any sterile cleanroom while improving the cost, service and compliance. This solution sends real-time alerts and KPIs to your device that keep a sustained compliance to the cleanroom room while proactively managing that area. Solve problems before they effect the process for a zero defect environment.

  • Links remote locations with central management
  • Automated performance that is easy to use
  • Configured to your specific needs
  • 24/7 real-time performance and protection monitoring service

  • A powerful and easy-to-use performance management solution that uses proprietary software, services and equipment configured to your specific needs and objectives.

    Now for the first time, you can simultaneously achieve exponential improvements without compromising between traditionally competing demands.

      Business Operations Benefits:
  • Reduces Operating and Capital Costs
  • Creates Positive Return on Investment
  • Conquers Complex Service Delivery Demands
  • Effortlessly Delivers the Ever-Increasing Number of Patient Specific Orders
  • Mitigates Liability and Litigation Risk
  • Creates Continuous Regulatory Compliance

    • Patient Care Benefits:
  • Exponentially Decreases Product Contamination
  • Ensures Accurate Delivery of Patient Care Requirements
  • Reduces Hospital Acquired Infections
  • Frees the Pharmacist to Focus on Patient Care Outcomes

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    Typical SteriSmart
    Performance KPIs:

    Typical SteriSmart
    Compliance KPIs:

  • Performance to Schedule
  • Queue size/content
  • Process cycle time
  • Equipment utilization
  • “Hot job” list
  • Finished product
    inventory/wait times
  • Raw materials
    inventory forecast
  • Particle count
  • Differential pressure
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Duct Pressure
  • Air Speed in Duct
  • Bio-burden on surfaces
  • Airborne bio-burden
  • Portal Status
  • Exhaust Fan Status
  • Proactive Alerting
    and Alarming

    Monitoring of parameter degradation toward alarms to proactively escalate alerts for preemptive corrective actions.

    Context Management

    Facility & Environment Management/Tracking
    (bioburden, temperature, lighting);
    People Movement Tracking;
    Facility Cost Reductions.

    Work Management

    Product, Materials & Workflow
    Product Quality via Process Quality;
    Workflow Efficiencies for Cost Savings.

    Audit Preparation

    Continuous Automated Audit Logging,
    21CFR11 & JACHO Compliant;
    Push-button Audit & Executive Reporting, eliminating months of paperwork prep.

    SteriSmart offers solutions for the following departments: compounding cleanrooms • Surgical suites • Infusion centers • Central Supply Department • critical care floors

    For further information please contact:

    Phone: 469.248.0266 or Email: info@qbacorp.com